Getting Help with Care Management

As part of enrollment in Elderwood Health Plan, we make every effort to facilitate the best possible care so you can remain in your home for as long as possible. We understand how difficult it is to manage care coordination. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you by assigning a care manager who develops a comprehensive service plan, which you help create.


Dedicated Care Managers

Once enrollment begins, you are assigned a care manager who constantly communicates with you and your doctors to manage care coordination and provide more efficient, seamless care.  

  • Obtains services, plans care and answers questions.
  • Schedules appointments and arranges transportation.
  • Leads your care team, which includes a registered nurse, social worker and member service representative.
  • Calls at least once a month to check up or visits your home.
  • Works with your doctors to get you the care you need in a timely manner.


Comprehensive Service Plan

To determine what services are necessary, your care manager will review information from your initial home visit while consulting with you, your family and your doctors. They also involve other Elderwood Health Plan staff members including social workers and registered nurses. From there, the full team develops a customized, person-centered service plan in writing that’s based on this information, your health status and current needs.

  • Includes covered services, frequency and duration.
  • Coordinates with other Medicaid-covered health care services.
  • Addresses personal goals and any health/safety risk factors.
  • Reassessed twice a year and if significant change in health status occurs.
  • Outlines any community resources and informal supports.
  • Involves primary doctor in care coordination and planning.

You can always discuss a change to your service plan by contacting your care manager at 1-866-THE-PLAN (1-866-843-7526).